Linda Gottesfeld, Almost New, Opening April 15 - May 12

Sara Nightingale Gallery is pleased to present Linda Gottesfeld, Almost New, April 15 - May 12. The gallery will remain open until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 16th, and we hope you will stop by for light refreshments.

In Linda Gottesfeld’s recent abstract paintings, the physical acts of rolling and marking are integral to her imagery. Layers of color form emerging and recessing planes, while her linear botanical motifs conjure nature. It is the juxtaposition of these elegant lines and the intense colors surrounding them that “reflects the complexity of beauty and chaos during the past two pandemic years.”  

Linda Gottesfeld received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from the University of California Berkeley. She is a Professor of Art at Pace University in New York City.

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image: Linda Gottesfeld, Thursday Bridge, acrylic on wood panel, 30" x 30"

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Joyride: Cars in American Art from Terry and Eva Herndon Collection up at the Fitchburg Art Museum until January 9, 2022. Border between New York and Vermont, oil on scrap steel
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Google Street View: 40°45'50.54"N, 2016
Oil on paper
33 x 25 in (83.82 x 63.5 cm)
Group Show Opus Project Space Closing Reception: November 21 3-5PM
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Faculty Exhibit,
Pace University
10/23/14 - 11/18/14
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Sumei Art Center, Newark, NJ
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New York, NY – OPUS Projects is pleased to present Linda Gottesfeld’s first solo exhibition at OPUS Project Space - Traffic, at 526 West 26th Street #705, September 5 – 28, 2013. Gallery hours are Friday and Saturday, 12-6 pm, and by appointment. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, September 5, 6-8pm.

Linda Gottesfeld’s oil on paper and scrap metal painting series, Traffic, presents immersive movements of action, conversations at high speeds and in complicated nets of communication. They address places from the past with current images; media, medium, and memory are warped in reused fragments. Traffic embodies the sense of past as present, the surface emerges with this convergence of site and time.

“The past is never dead. It's not even past.” William Faulkner

Traffic (noun)
1. Movement of vehicles
2. Trade
3. Traffic is a state of attempting to move on.
4. Negotiations

Linda Gottesfeld's one-woman exhibit Pearlbrook Drive at Ellen Miller Gallery in Boston was reviewed in The Boston Globe (2012). Her work is included in the Catskills Arts Center group show Ghosts of the Catskills in Livingston Manor, New York on view this fall from August 30 to October 31. Recent oil-on-paper paintings were exhibited in June in a three-person exhibit at Valentine in Brooklyn. Gottesfeld graduated from The Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA and from The University of California, Berkeley with an MFA. Gottesfeld is a professor of studio art at Pace University.

OPUS is an interdisciplinary projects space exhibiting projects by emerging contemporary artists exploring the spectrum that spans the fields of art, design, text and information. OPUS supports, celebrates and promotes ideas, exchange, interaction, collaboration, Inclusiveness, discourse, innovation, and material and technical experimentation.

OPUS | 526 West 26th Street #705 New York, NY 10001 | 917.612.7687
Gallery Hours: Friday and Saturday, 12-6pm, and by appointment
OPUS Project Space
526 West 26th Street
Studio 705
917 612 7687
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Group Exhibit Opens Saturday August 31
Link: Friends Seminary Auction Catalogue 2013
Pearlbrook Drive/ Link to review in Boston Globe July 2012
oil on linen
Ellen Miller Gallery

38 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116

Linda Gottesfeld: Pearlbrook Drive
June 15 - August 10, 2012

In December 2010, two good friends went on a road trip to Clifton, New Jersey. Jacki Lyden of National Public Radio (NPR) recalls how Linda Gottesfeld became inspired during their shared visit to the artist's hometown.

Linda's invitation was: let's go to my old hometown in NJ! My former neighbor's in her 90s and she's giving her old designer clothes away! Honestly, that's all it takes to hook me -- that and a chance to spend the day with my friend. But under those December skies, Route 9 as we left the city was absolutely cheerless: bollards this way and that, broken tarmac, orange barrier netting, big spews of mud. Gosh, I said. America looks more and more like a border outpost in Kazahkstan. There's nothing out here. Linda kept snapping her camera at the industrial sprawl, smitten. The aging ex-urb of Clifton. Smitten. The unprepossessing streets of old American '60s dream. Smitten. I thought she got nothing in her camera, but what she "got" is the world you see rendered before you here: a city laid bare to the bone. And me? Not even a frock!

In Linda Gottesfeld's words:
The New Jersey suburb paintings address the slippage between memories of a place, the place itself, and its photographic image. My work in landscape explores beauty in the mundane; in this series I am mining my reactions to revisiting a neighborhood that I had not seen in more than ten years. I begin by digitally altering my photographs with color and light filters, creating several versions. My color palettes recall M&M's, Necco Wafers, wet-Necco Wafers and Kodachrome, traversing familiar to extreme re-representation. The paintings range across my many 'takes' on this subject, from a candy-land pastel light to an off-register red-green washy surface. In my life I often turn thoughts and problems over in my head, obsessively looking at them every which way; my painting of these places is a lot like that. In this play of remembering, examining and altering, I excavate a range of perceptions, addressing each from slightly different points of view.

"Linda Gottesfeld: Pearlbrook Drive" on view at Ellen Miller Gallery from June 15 through August 3, 2012. The public is invited to the opening reception on Friday, June 15, 5-7 pm. reception on Friday, June 15, 5-7 pm.
Facebook: Ellen Miller Gallery
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